Thursday, November 10, 2011

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: @artinphotgrphy

Art in Photography at Zazzle
I love photography! It brings out the best in the world around us. It forces us to see things in an artful manner and because of this, we give attention to things we often over-look on a daily basis. I admire those whose professions and passions are to be behind the camera capturing every moment-just like photographer, Kara Stewart.

Kara Stewart is a teacher by profession but her heart's calling is as an artist. She is passionate about art of all forms, but especially loves digital photography. Some of her favorite subjects to capture are: flowers, still life, pets and abstract images. Gazing upon her art and photography is quite refreshing, but don't take my word for it... you simply have to visit in order to soak it all in yourself.  

Golden Retriever Bliss by artinphotography

Pink Geranium No Border Mousepad by artinphotography

Diamondback Weave iphone4 Case by artinphotography

Learn More about this Artist by visiting her website-
or viewing her About page Here

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