Friday, November 11, 2011

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: Pixel Chimp by @PixelChimpReal

Pixel Chimp at Zazzle
When I enter at Pixel Chimp and begin looking around, one of my first thoughts is of Atari. I loved Atari! It was such a great system and although graphics have advanced much since then... Atari and it's pixel art type graphics are classic and timeless. There are a lot of these cool looking pixel designs available within the virtual walls of Pixel Chimp, but there is so much more to see. The style of art here is like nothing else I have seen before. That is a good thing, to me. The artwork stands out and makes an impression. The artist makes wonderful use his talents here by expressing them through stencils, pixel art and graphic artwork. I have seen everything from skulls, military designs, animals and emoticons on all types of custom gifts such as: skateboards, t-shirts, iPhone cases, mouse pads and more! Oh there is so much to see. There are surprises on every page. Pixel Chimp is a definite must see Zazzle shop for those looking for the coolest and most unique gear out there. 

Roswell Alien board by Pixelchimp

Pixel Ninja Side by Pixelchimp

Flame Ring 01 by Pixelchimp

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