Affiliate Disclosure- Please Read

In attempt to be as upfront and honest as I can and to give you all you need to know, I would like to inform you(the reader) that by reading these blog posts you are under no obligation to click any links you may find here. My main focus of this blog is to promote Artists and their unique talents. If you do so, however, I want it to be because you like what you see and are interested in the design or what the featured artist has to offer.

However, should you choose to click on a link or image here within this blog and are taken to another site to purchase a custom gift, I may or may not receive a small referral fee for assisting the seller in their endeavors to reach more consumers. 

I am an artist selling custom designs with  Zazzle.
I am an Affiliate, helping promote the artwork of very talented and budding artists.

Thank you for taking the time to read this very informal, but hopefully very clear disclosure. 

Have a blessed day!

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