How to be featured

Would you like to be featured here at Daily Dose? 

If you would like to see your shop and up to three of your products featured here on the Daily Dose, here's what you have to do to be included in all the fun. :)

  1. Make a quick stop by my Facebook biz page, "Like" and leave me a comment with your Zazzle Shop Username/ID on this NOTE. Why, you ask? Because once you have added your Shop ID (your username- not your shop link) I will add it to my list of participants and will randomly select one of you (using each day to promote along with up to 3 of my favorite products from your shop. 
It is not required that you to follow this blog or comment to be promoted, but it would be greatly appreciated and would also be helpful to get more viewers to see it. Also, along with stats... the more this blog is promoted the better! So share share share!

Just a fun fact: this blog will be streaming onto my Facebook page and my Twitter page :) 

If you have a twitter account, please follow me so that I can follow you in return and when it comes your time to be promoted, your post will be auto-streamed to your twitter feed. Less work for you!

Please join in the fun! The more the merrier. 

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