Tuesday, January 23, 2018

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature:Workout Motivation

  Many people decided to drop those few extra pounds as their new years resolution, but sometimes it's easier said than done. I know personally, in the past, I have been that girl who is dead set on dropping the weight and 2 days later you could find me binge watching Friends again while eating potato chips. Yup... 

  Not this year. I deemed this as my year to lose it and so far I've stuck to it pretty well... but the struggle is real. Every now and again we lose hope and wanna fall off the healthy bandwagon. 

  When that scale goes up instead of down. When we've been so busy we just couldn't prep for a healthy meal and grab a burger from a fast food joint, or when we just didn't have the energy to put in that 30 minutes of workout time while the kids napped. Instead, we napped too. 

  It's on those days that we need a little inspiration to look at. A little pick me up to boost us in the right direction. Some have work out partners to push us along, but if you're like me you don't, and sometimes you just need something to help keep your eye on the prize. 

I love Workout Motivation Quotes! I see them all over Facebook and google, and I even have a few saved on my phone so when I turn it on I read it and get amped up. It reminds me that the work isn't easy, but it'll be worth it as long as I keep pushing!

Workout Motivational Poster  


The best project, is you, motivational quote poster  



Sunday, November 12, 2017

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: Loyalty Punch Cards

  'Tis the season when your company starts booming. New customers are lining up to see what you're all about, and loyal customers are returning for your special promotions and savings. During the holiday season, many businesses thrive in the market and their sales are boosted due to higher activity. 

  Why not offer those returning and new customers something to keep coming back for long after the holiday hype is over? 

Have you ever considered offering a customer loyalty program such as a punch card? If you think your type of company couldn't use this type of program, you may be mistaken. A loyalty punch card can be used for various company types ranging from retail to beauty/cosmetics and more. 

Give your clientele something to keep coming back for. Try out a reward program that opens your doors for revolving business and gives your client something in return for their loyalty.

Own a bookstore? Check out these customer loyalty card ideas! 

bold BOOKS customer loyalty card
bold BOOKS customer loyalty card by identica


BOOKSTORE customer appreciation (mod squares) Mini Business Card
BOOKSTORE customer appreciation (mod squares) Mini Business Card by identica

You specialize in beauty and cosmetics? Here are a few for you.

Gold Glitter Scissors Hair Salon Loyalty Punch Business Card
Gold Glitter Scissors Hair Salon Loyalty Punch Business Card by CardHunter

Loyalty Card Vintage Gold Floral Beauty Salon
Loyalty Card Vintage Gold Floral Beauty Salonby CardHunter

Is Coffee your thing? Keep your customers coming back for more.

Coffee Cup on Black Wood Coffee Shop Punch Card
Coffee Cup on Black Wood Coffee Shop Punch Card by 1201am

Coffee Shop Customer Loyalty Promotional Business Card
Coffee Shop Customer Loyalty Promotional Business Card by capturedbyKC

let's do coffee customer loyalty business card
let's do coffee customer loyalty business card by identica

Check out more custom loyalty punch cards at Zazzle! 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: Photo Holiday Greetings

  I know... I know, Thanksgiving isn't even quite here yet and I'm posting about holiday greeting cards. The thing is, now is the time to start buying them. If you want personalized greetings and the best ones, you gotta order ahead. 

  Right now is the perfect time to shop and buy greeting cards from Zazzle. They are hosting a 50% off greeting cards savings event right now!! You'll have to hurry if you wanna get in on this deal though, as it in ends in a few hours. 

I love these types of sales. Zazzle has great card stock and is known for high quality printing... so why not take advantage of a good deal and put that 1 good family portrait I have out of a 30 image session to good use? 

Shop their Christmas Card selection and you'll find a wide variety of different styles of holiday and Christmas cards including photo cards, Christmas party invitations, funny holiday cards and a ton more. 

Use coupon code: Creativedeal when you checkout to get that awesome half off discount!

Here are just a few to get you started. 

Joy Wreath Holiday Photo Card Christmas Card

Joy Wreath Holiday Photo Card Christmas Card by berryberrysweet

Reproduction Vintage Christmas Postcard

Reproduction Vintage Christmas Postcardby TheRobinsRoost

Fanciful Merry & Bright 3 Photo Christmas Card

Fanciful Merry & Bright 3 Photo Christmas Card by kat_parrella

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Snowflakes Card

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Snowflakes Card by NBpaperco

Rejoice | Collage Christmas Card | Faux Foil | Red

Rejoice | Collage Christmas Card | Faux Foil | Red by Orabella

Friday, October 6, 2017

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: @Punhouse

 I stumbled across this store on Zazzle that is full of adorable puns! I was ecstatic. I love puns!! I know not everyone does, but really... I think deep down you kind of have to. It's the simple wit about them and the corniness that brings a slight smile to your face, even when you're trying so hard not to. You just can't help it. Puns are fun and they also make great gifts!

This artist and designer at PunHouse  is full of wit and creative genius. These are just a few of my favorites from his online store selection:

Espresso Yourself Espresso Cup

Espresso Yourself Espresso Cup by PunHouse

Poe Boy T-Shirt

Poe Boy T-Shirt by PunHouse

Treble Maker Tank Top

Treble Maker Tank Top by PunHouse

Thursday, October 5, 2017

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: New iPhone X Cases

The holiday season is upon us and a lot of people want the hottest thing on the market. With Christmas on the way, Apple is unveiling it's newest iPhone this October... The iPhone X. It becomes available for pre-order on October 27th and is available in market on November 3rd. 

According to the Apple website, what you're paying for is a intricate number of new features, one of those being a 5.8" all-glass  "Super Retina" design that responds to touch, voice, or even a glance with its' facial identification software. It is also supposed to have the most advanced chip technology ever used in a smartphone. The phone itself is fitted with surgical grade stainless steel for durability. Along with the durability factor, the iPhone X is meant to be dust and water resistant, and can be charged wirelessly. 

The cost... $999. 😲 

Some iPhone owners have an iPhone upgrade plan which could help them to receive the new iPhone X at a discounted price. Apple is also offering a payment plan for those who would like to upgrade or own the new iPhone X.

Will you be among the first to own the hottest new device on the market? 

Planning on getting the most sophisticated phone? Make sure you've got the best accessories to go with it. Check out some of these custom iPhone cases

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

@Zazzle Spotlight: Halloween Themed Leggings

  Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday of the year. I love the makeup, the imagination, the creativity, and the way it brings out the kid in all of us. Not to mention who can forget the candy? 

My favorite thing of all is the costumes. I love the way people come up with DIY costumes by using ordinary things they've already got in their home. Some people are exceptional at turning a regular wardrobe item into a functional costume piece. 

 Since Zazzle has rolled out the new customization for leggings, making your costume is even easier. You just upload your unique image or pattern, fit it to the product image, and then buy it. Zazzle prints it and ships it directly to you. 

Don't have any designs of your own? That's okay! Zazzle has a ton of amazing freelance artists and designers who upload and post their art for sale everyday. Check out some of these great Halloween themed leggings!

Halloween Stripes Leggings

Be the cutest witch at the party with these stylish and fun orange and black striped Halloween leggings by JerryLambert

Halloween Party Costume Skeleton Leggings

Them bones, them bones, them dancing bones... Dress up like a skeleton with these fun Halloween party costume skeleton leggings designed by skeletonbones

Halloween Candy Corn Pattern Leggings

Show off your sweet side with these festive candy corn leggings designed by RedwoodAndVine

Fun Halloween spider web pattern leggings

What would Halloween be without spiders? Get trapped in the web wearing these spooky spider web leggings designed by DoodlesHolidayGifts

Mummy Stripes Halloween Leggings

Who's your mummy? Embrace your inner Egyptian Pharoah in these mummy stripes leggings designed by destei

Halloween Jack O'lantern Pumpkin Face Graphic Leggings

Don't wanna go all out, but still wanna be festive? Rock these Jack o' lantern Halloween leggings designed by Flissitations

Black and White Harlequin Diamond Pattern Leggings

Shop and personalize these fun and playful Harlequin pattern leggings designed by hhhalloween

Funny Red Pirate Stripe Leggings

Aargh! Matey. Commander the evening in these fun red and black striped pirate themed leggings designed by skeletonbones

Bloody Mess Leggings

Play the part of the serial killer or slasher at your next costume party and accessorize your costume with these bloody white leggings designed by JerryLambert

Did you love this selection of Halloween themed leggings? Click here to check out more festive leggings for Halloween. 

Also, be sure to check out the full store of the designers. Most of these costume/party leggings have matching tops available!

Friday, December 4, 2015

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature-OneStopGiftShop

Have you ever wanted to be able to shop for everyone and find everything you're looking for all in one place? Well, I think that was the concept designer, Brenda, of One Stop Gift Shop had in mind.

She is a pro-designer and artist who has worked independently for several years successfully selling her artwork to thousands of customers online at Zazzle.

She has several stores at Zazzle, all of them offering a bit of something different and unique. She designs everything from sports gifts to invitations, business cards, and playful whimsical style gifts too! Check out some of her other shops here

 Awhile back, she found out I was having twins and began making twin designs as well. Truthfully there aren't enough twin themed items on the market(something on my to-do list), and I am just tickled to death at her cute designs. Check these out!



Weren't those neat? She really is talented!

She really has so many awesome designs, you should definitely check them out! Want something specific but don't see it in any of her stores? She also does custom work. Just go to OneStopGiftShop and then click Contact Store Owner in the top right corner.