Thursday, December 3, 2015

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature- Photo Gifts

More than ever, people are loving the idea of receiving personalized holiday greetings, coffee mugs, and ornaments that feature photographs of their family members and friends. I love sending these types of gifts out to my family as it gives the item a more personal touch. I especially love doing this with greeting cards and postcards for family who live long distance. This helps us to be able kind of keep up with each other a little bit throughout the year.

My (now) 6 month old boys are the newest feature on all of my custom giftables. Their grandparents and great grandparents who don't live nearby love receiving photo gifts with them on it, because they can enjoy the gift and see how much the boys have grown. These types of gifts really are good little keepsakes.

Here are a few holiday photo gifts you can personalize with your family image and send to your loved ones this holiday season:


This joyful season holiday card by berryberrysweet has a colorful red, white, and green chalkboard design and features 4 photo slots for your family images. Click the image above to personalize and order your own.


This photo collage Christmas card by Plush_Paper features 6 photo slots for your own family images and special moments to share with family. Click the image above to personalize and order your own.

This country rustic style Merry Christmas custom photo card by kat_parrella features 3 smaller photo slots ideal for single person portraits, and one larger photo area that would be ideal for a family photo. Personalize and order your own by clicking the image above. 

Like these custom photo cards? 
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