Friday, November 4, 2011

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: Conceptualized Art

Conceptualized Art on Zazzle
Concept art is about creating a visual idea through illustration- be it drawing, digital creation or what have you... usually one that is later placed into a video game or movie of some sort. But more importantly, it is the invention of an illustration or idea that has not yet been seen. It is an opportunity for the Artist to show off his/her creativity and imagination without limits, borders or rejections. This and so much more is what you will find within the virtual walls of the Conceptualized Art gift shop at Zazzle. 

I found myself intrigued and more curious about the mind of the Artist behind the works of the Conceptualized Art store. Though this shop appears new, I have no doubt that the unique one-of-a-kind art that dwells here will flourish and be taken by the hearts of many who enjoy new abstract and thought-provoking things. 

Check it out for yourself

Elephante Postage by Conceptualized

Eyes Shirt by Conceptualized

Octobeerfest iPod Touch Case by Conceptualized

If you would like to know more about Conceptualized Art & communicate with the Artist, follow Conceptualized Art on Facebook!

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