Sunday, January 22, 2012

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: @AngelArtiste

Art by Angela at Zazzle
I have chosen to feature my dear friend and fellow artist, Angela today because I am inspired by her strength and her artistic talents. Her persistence and strong will to grow as an artist motivates me to become a better person and a greater artist myself. She is passionate, caring and hopeful. Her heart is the heart of a child... this you can see within each piece of her artwork. 

In her world, there are endless colors... with rainbows and immaculate creatures of magic and myth alike. She paints and draws them with such diligence and love. Each stroke of the brush is guided by her passion for this fantasy world. She aches to share it with you. Come visit the world of Angela's imagination... embrace it; enjoy it.

Sweet Owl Blue Postcards, Cards by AngelArtiste

Dust Bunny Funny Hate Cleaning Mug by AngelArtiste

Artistic Fantasy Butterflies by AngelArtiste

Follow Angela on Twitter- HERE
And check out her other shop featuring more whimsical and fantasy style art- Artsy Kidsy

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