Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk like a #Pirate day! #Sale on @Zazzle #tshirts

International Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 19th, 2011

Argh! Ahoy, me hearties. Today be dubbed International "Talk like a Pirate Day". Do ye want to be a pirate? If so, strap on yer boots, hoist yer colours and break out yer pirate speak.

Wanna do more to show off yer love for being a Pirate?
  • Have a Facebook? If so, change yer language settings to English (pirate).
  • Break out yer pirate gear, make a video of yourself talking like a pirate and post it to your favorite social media network or YouTube.
  • Have a pirate movie marathon day. Cram all of your favorite pirate themed movies into on day. Watch them with all yer mateys and chow down on yer favorite grub.

If none of that be suitin' ya... Zazzle be havin' a Sale that'll tickle yer fancy for sure! Check it out.

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