Wednesday, September 28, 2011

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: @KewzooDesign by Karen White

Kewzoo Design by Karen White at Zazzle

Who or what is Kewzoo? Who has ever heard of such a word? I'll tell you! Kewzoo design is the work of this fabulous most wonderfully amazing visual Artist- Karen White- who specializes in bringing the world to some of the most unique, colorful and original art. Karen crafts all of her original artwork using many mediums including sculpting, collages,  printing, photography and painting. 

Dolphin Music Binder by kewzoo

Birdie Lashes gift card by kewzoo

Dragonflies 3 by kewzoo

Her artwork has been featured at popular events such as the MTV Movie Awards and the Golden Globes and has been seen with popular celebrities such as 

Naveen Andrews(from hit TV show "Lost")

William Fichtner(from "Black Hawk Down")

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