Friday, September 23, 2011

@Zazzle Spotlight Feature: @BorealisArt

Borealis Art Shop at Zazzle

Nora Blansett, the Artist behind this fabulous store, is an Artist not of formal training or schooling... but instead, she is an Artist of soul, passion and experience. Nora's artwork is influenced by many things, including but not limited to: her opinions of the world around her, the fantasy realm, her love for figurative works and even her avid support for Autism and Cancer research. The Primary mediums for her artistic creations are ink, colored pencil, and watercolors. 

Within every artistic creation, you will see those things that matter most to her, what makes her happy as well as what woes her. She allows her art to come alive through her emotions. You will gaze upon no other passion like this in any other drawings, poetry or even photography. 

Phoenix Pro Keds Hi Tops by BorealisArt

A Puzzled Heart Necklace by BorealisArt

In Her Shade by BorealisArt

Nora is an award-winning Autistic Artist whose work is collected all around the globe, printed in many books and magazines and is licensed on a variety of products. Nora Blansett is a successful Mother, Artist, Photographer and Author who is an avid supporter of Autism and Cancer Research, as well as LGBT rights. She often donates her royalties as well as her time to these charities to raise money and awareness. 

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