Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zazzle Spotlight Feature: Designs by Alondra

Alondra's photography & Graphic Design at Zazzle

All designs by Alondra were crafted to glorify God, to share the Living Word, to display the beauty of His creation that we see all around us and to allow others to share these inspirational gifts with those that they love. 

Alondra Hanley is a self-taught Graphic Artist and Photographer, growing every day in these skills as well as in her love for God. Her passion for God and His creation fuels her to create art of many mediums and styles; which send many bold and powerful spiritual messages. Alondra is very passionate about life and all that is in life. She believes that all of life is beautiful as well as sacred and it should be cherished. She expresses this and so much more through her unique and creative designs. All of her artwork and designs are inspired by her love for all things beautiful and by the artistic and creative nature that God has given to us all. 

Alondra Hanley gladly accepts custom order requests via email if you do not see what you are looking for.

Repent And Trust in Jesus by Alondra Hanley

Want to see more by Alondra Hanley? Visit her website links to her other shops and stores:

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