Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zazzle Spotlight Feature: Urban Design

Urban Design & Photography by Olga Hutsul

Urban Designs is a shop filled with digital art and photography that have been crafted and captured by Olga Hutsul. The idea behind this shop is individuality through artwork. Nothing you will find here has been made simply to fit the trending themes or make deadlines. These creations are pure, unique and filled with inspiration. 

Olga creates her designs using digital mediums and bases most of her designs from her photography. Hutsul believes that life is an endless source of inspiration. She finds joy in the little things such as graffiti on walls, people talking in subways, and the smell of foods from restaurants resonating into the streets. Even these simple urban life moments inspire her and motivate her to create some of the most captivating artwork you will ever see. 

"Enjoy the meaning in things. It is little things that help to acquire meaning in life!" ~Olga Hutsul

Peach Blossom Letterhead by Olga Hutsul

You can also check out Olga's photography and fine Digital Art HERE

Visit My World Travels Zazzle Store by Olga Hutsul, for stunning photography and artwork inspired by her travels from all over the globe.

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